Why can't I use webcam in Python3 and OpenCV?

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I have an old Logitech webcam S5500, and I install OpenCV into my Python3 environment, then use the most simplest code to test it and failed.

手上有羅技的 S5500 相機,在安裝 OpenCV 到 Python3 之後使用最簡易的程序試著連接它,卻失敗了。

After a few test and re-install the webcam driver, I found the problem was caused by driver. And the way to figure it out is to check your device control panel. Then go to some webcam test website, such as https://webcammictest.com/ to test if your webcam ready. 

在一番檢查和重新安裝驅動程序之後,發現問題是跟驅動程式有關。所以檢測的程序應該是在裝置管理介面中確認驅動程式安裝無誤,然後可以連到測試 webcam 的網頁去看是否正常。若瀏覽器能正常顯示畫面,那麼換用 OpenCV 去連就不會再有無法確定硬體是否異常的疑慮了。